PUBG New State Pre Registration

PUBG New State Pre Registration Complete Details, Download, Pre Register Direct Link for Android on Play Store (apk) & Apple iOS

After a long wait, there is a piece of the good news for the PUBG Lovers. As per the latest announcement, it is now official that PUBG New State Game will launch in the upcoming week. PUBG Mobile New State may keep the base format of battle royale gameplay intact but overhaul the entire game to come in a futuristic setting – based explicitly in 2051. It has also been announced that the applicants can fill the pre-registration form in the Google Play Store.

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The interested players should download the PUBG New State App in the Play Store and complete their pre-registration process.

PUBG New State Pre Registration 

This article explains the PUBG Mobile New State’s complete details, Features, Download and Pre Register for Android on Play Store (apk) and Apple iOS.

Features of the PUBG New State Game

Let us see the PUBG New State Mobile features claimed as the sequel to the PUBG Game.

  • The New PUBG Game will be a clear sequel to the original PUBG Mobile game, which pioneered mobile games’ battle royale format. 
  • The upcoming version is built with new maps, with players being able to explore more areas.
  • At present, very few mobile games give you the ability to use drones. However, the new PUBG Mobile 2 version will give you the option to use drones.
  • As we all know, the PUBG Game is already popular for its weapons collection, and the new version is expected to have futuristic gadgets and weapons, considering it is set in 2051.
  • The new gadgets will include drones and deployable bunkers that will be part of the core gameplay.
  • It is also heard that the game will be cross-platform compatible. The mobile gamer can play using a PlayStation/Xbox or a PC player.

“The PUBG New State Game is expected to release on 1st Week of April 2021”

PUBG New State Registration | How to Register Online, Download

Let us see the procedure to download the PUBG New State Mobile online from the Google Play Store.

  • Visit the Google Play Store on your Mobile.
  • Search for the PUBG: New State in the Search Box.

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Download PUBG New State Registration
  • Click on the install button under the app.

“The game will be cross-platform compatible. It means that a mobile gamer can play against a PlayStation/Xbox or a PC player.”

Pre Registration Process (Direct Link) for Android on Play Store (apk) & Apple iOS

  • Please remember that the pre-registration link is available in countries other than India at present.
  • After clicking on the button, it will prompt a dialogue box that will ask the user to confirm registration.
  • Now, the users should click on the Ok Button.
  • An additional option will ask the users to choose whether they want to install the game when available. 
  • If you agree, you can tap on the “Install when available” button. Otherwise, you will be notified when it is available.

Note: Please remember that the process is the same for Apple iOS Mobile, and the applicants should follow the similar procedure. Also the link is not available in India at present due to the ban of Chinese Apps.

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PUBG New State Pre Registration FAQs

I am a PUBG Player from India, and I want to pre-register for the New PUBG State Game. Can I register it in the playstore? 

At present, the pre-registration link for the PUBG New State is not available for India Players. We will keep you updated once there is an official announcement regarding the same.

Is the PUBG PUBG New State Game supports both Android and Apple iOS Devices?

Yes, the pre-registration link of PUBG New State Game is available on Android and Apple iOS Devices.

When can the Indian Players apply for the PUBG New State Game Pre-Registration Link Soon?

In this instance, the Indian Government has not liberalized any of its policies.

Is the upcoming PUBG New State will offer any new features to the online players?

The upcoming version supports New Maps, Drones, Futuristic Weapons, and Cross Platform Compatibility.

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